Group Fitness


Our group exercise program offers a variety of classes throughout the day to help you achieve your fitness goals. Research has shown that those who exercise in a group are more likely to stick to their exercise routine. By attending one of our classes you’ll be held accountable by the instructor and your fellow participants, be provided a safe and effective workout, be challenged to work harder, and have fun while doing it!

If you are not sure which class is right for you, make sure to complete the Aspiration Finder in your MyWellness account. Go to to set up your free account.

See What Others Are Saying

  • The classes help keep me accountable to keep moving and going to the gym.
  • Thank you for making working out a fun and safe experience at the work place!
  • The Fitness Center @ Chandler Group Exercise Classes have changed my lifestyle from sedentary to active! I love being able to go on lunch and get a workout in that wouldn't happen otherwise. The instructors are so friendly and encouraging without making you feel out of place or judged. I always feel welcome and have made new friendships through attending the various classes as well!
  • I really enjoy the group exercise classes at Chandler Fitness Center. The trainers are very knowledgeable, professional and fun to work with!